Kenosha 6th Ave & 58th Street Redevelopment


Kenosha, Wisconsin – 6th Avenue, 58th Street, Friendship Park, & Memorial Garden Revitalization Project:

The City of Kenosha is focusing on revitalizing downtown and 6th Avenue is the next target. The 6th Avenue area is a mix of historic Kenosha infrastructure and new business influence. The goal of this project is to add modern amenities and flare to this historic area while maintaining Kenosha’s strong heritage. The area currently consists of retail shopping, dining, coffee shops, streetcar stops, multi-use residential, memorials, and parks.

Project Specifics: 6th Avenue will be undergoing a road diet for traffic calming and expansion of usable walk area for multi-modal and business use. Utility, roadway, and hardscape reconstruction will bring the project area to compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The project also consists of intersection grading, street lighting, new signage, wayfinding information boards directing visitors to highlight areas, park redevelopment instituting a usable space model, memorial area redevelopment. In addition, decorative flexibility is being added to the existing historical lighting through new poles, reuse of existing antique lighting fixtures, the ability to extend decorative lighting from pole to pole, over 6th Avenue, and down the pole. Furthering this development will be the addition of a bicycle parking structure and streetcar receiving station making the intersection of 58th Street and 6th Ave. a multi-modal hub to invite all modes of traveling to this highlight area.

Lynch & Associates led this effort which involves the City of Kenosha, Downtown Kenosha Inc., and many other Stakeholders.