Kenosha 6th Ave & 58th Street Redevelopment


Kenosha, Wisconsin – 6th Avenue, 58th Street, Friendship Park, & Memorial Garden Revitalization Project:

The City of Kenosha is focusing on revitalizing downtown and 6th Avenue is the next target. The 6th Avenue area is a mix of historic Kenosha infrastructure and new business influence. The goal of this project is to add modern amenities and flare to this historic area while maintaining Kenosha’s strong heritage. The area currently consists of retail shopping, dining, coffee shops, streetcar stops, multi-use residential, memorials, and parks.

Project Specifics: 6th Avenue will be undergoing a road diet for traffic calming and expansion of usable walk area for multi-modal and business use. Utility, roadway, and hardscape reconstruction will bring the project area to compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The project also consists of intersection grading, street lighting, new signage, wayfinding information boards directing visitors to highlight areas, park redevelopment instituting a usable space model, memorial area redevelopment. In addition, decorative flexibility is being added to the existing historical lighting through new poles, reuse of existing antique lighting fixtures, the ability to extend decorative lighting from pole to pole, over 6th Avenue, and down the pole. Furthering this development will be the addition of a bicycle parking structure and streetcar receiving station making the intersection of 58th Street and 6th Ave. a multi-modal hub to invite all modes of traveling to this highlight area.

Lynch & Associates led this effort which involves the City of Kenosha, Downtown Kenosha Inc., and many other Stakeholders.

Lake Park Historic Bridge Replacement - Milwaukee County (Teamed with GRAEF)

LP Bridge

Lake Park Bridge - Milwaukee County, WI

Lake Park was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1993, the only such park in Milwaukee County. According to the Lake Park Friends website, it was recognized for two primary reasons: as a designed historic landscape by the master landscape architect Olmsted; and as the site of the Lake Park Mound, a prehistoric Indian mound presumed to have ceremonial significance. The website notes that National Register designation “offers protection from encroachments to contributing components and encourages park stewards to protect the planned park design, its natural features (meadows, ravines, bluffs, woods) and its built features (buildings, bridges, roadways, paths and trails).”Courtesy of, 2017Full Article

Marinette Water & Wastewater GIS Services

Lynch & Associates has entered into a different type of GIS contract with the City of Marinette Water & Wastewater Utility. We are going to assist their personnel in creating their GIS system, equip them with necessary tools to perform their GIS services on their own, and put them in control of their own GIS capabilities. Their staff has expressed interest in learning, the management has expressed the willingness to equip them, and Lynch & Associates is going to provide them the training they need to run their system. This is a cheaper, more efficient way for utilities to get their GIS up and running using staff and assets already owned by the utility. This equals cost savings, a well rounded staff, and a team that is second to none in delivering services to their customers. We are proud to be providing this service to them.

Troy Center Reconstruction - Town of Troy, WI

Lynch and Associates is in the process bringing solutions to the Town of Troy for reconstruction of Troy Center. This area has narrow road sections with failing pavement. Our team has been asked to bring potential solutions to the Town for the this area. Due to the large area/expense, the project may be phased over several years.

Village of East Troy - Well 6

After a noticeable decline in pumping capacity and poor water quality, the Village of East Troy had taken Well 6 offline.  Lynch & Associates worked with the Village to provide design and construction services for well rehabilitation that included chemical treatment in conjunction with airburst technology to treat the well.  Work included replacement of the existing pump to optimize performance and replacement of valves within the well house.  After completion, the well had an increased specific capacity and acceptable water quality and was placed back into normal operation.

Milwaukee Streetcar Construction Survey - Milwaukee, WI.


Milwaukee Streetcar

Lynch & Associates is performing construction survey services on this large infrastructure project. This project is set to change the Milwaukee landscape and improve how the multi-modal transportation options within the City. "This is like opening day," Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said last week. We are happy to be involved in this project exemplifying the meaning of "Community Focused Client Service". Activities will continue on this project through the 2017 construction season.Photo's and Quote courtesy of Milwaukee 2017More Information

Valley View Culvert & Beam Guard Design - Mt. Pleasant, WI

Valley View

Valley View Drive

Design, Construction Observation, and Construction Management services were performed on this project. The design of the downstream structure for this project was a customized structure design to diminish turbidity during heavy rain events preventing the existing washout issues which were plaguing the Village in it's existing condition.

Boys Drive & 96th Street Sewer Rehabilitation and Street Design - Sturtevant, WI

Design of this project consisted of storm sewer, sanitary, curb & gutter replacement, sump pump tile tie-ins to the existing storm sewer main, drive approaches, and full depth pavement reconstruction as well as updating ADA ramps to current ADA standards. Bidding of the construction project took place in March 2017 and construction is expected to begin the in spring of 2017. Lynch & Associates will also be performing full time construction observation activities on this project.

Globe Drive Construction Observation - Village of Mt. Pleasant, WI.


Globe Drive Construction Management and Observation in Mt. Pleasant, WI

Teaming with the Village of Mt. Pleasant on the construction of Globe Drive was a great municipal project including installation of water, sewer, stormwater , new roadway, curb and gutter, and necessary infrastructure for this new development area within the Village. Lynch staff performed daily on-site construction observation and construction project management for the project coordinating with the Village, utilities, and businesses in the area to successfully deliver this project within budget and with minimal disruption to area businesses.

Valspar Containment & Storage - Menomonee Falls, WI


Valspar Containment

Lynch & Associates designed two spill containment structures, piping, and appurtenances. Along with designing this creative solution to handle emergency spill containment, Lynch also regraded the loading and unloading areas to promote stormwater drainage from the site, stabilization of subgrade for heavy truck traffic, and repaving of the entire loading and unloading chemical area for Valspar. This project had strict budget requirements, construction timeframe, Valspar corporate environmental conditions, and state code requirements which were met every step of the way and the project was completed successfully.